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We are Christians, Assisting, Resourcing and Encouraging

and we ARE making a difference in our Southwest, Oklahoma Communities.

  Operation C.A.R..E. Ministries of Tillman County serves as a centralized resource center by uniting the efforts of the partnerships we share with churches, businesses, organizations, agencies, and hearts like yours for a greater impact on our communities. Our success in meeting the strategic goals and emergency needs of those we serve works because of the policies and practices we follow. We make our resources available for free to the public by means of referrals and vouchers. No cash is placed in the hands of our clients. Operation C.A.R.E. makes these resources available to our clients' physical need and this becomes our opportunity for ministry and relationship. When unpacking the desperate situations in many of our clients' lives, our trained Life Coaches can create a plan of action and compassionately minister the gospel message of hope in Jesus Christ. Steering our clients -when needed- to a place of accountability is part of the responsibility we accept. We use life experiences, Biblical principles, prayer, and the Holy Spirit to help us teach our clients how to become self-sufficient with what resources God has given them. We believe these to be the most precious gifts our ministry has been given and we share them freely.


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