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We are Christians, Assisting, Resourcing and Encouraging

and we ARE making a difference in our Tillman County Communities.

Let us introduce you to this concept:  Serving as a centralized resource center Operation C.A.R..E. Ministries has stepped into the much-needed role of offering financial relief through a hand up not a handout.  This concept is proving to reduce duplication of efforts by local churches, organizations and cumulative hearts.

Offering numerous services, including financial assistance and money management counseling.  Operation C.A.R..E. makes available the resource for our client's physical need, which can become an opportunity to form a long-term relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.

Steering our client's to a place of accountability -where needed- is part of the responsibility we accept.

Unpacking the desperate situations in many of their lives, our trained Life Coaches carefully and compassionately minister to our clients the gospel message of hope in Jesus Christ.  Utilizing personal and corporate prayer through the power of God's Holy Spirit, we believe we can assist our clients to become more self-sufficient with what resources God has given them.

We believe these are the most precious resources and opportunities our ministry has been afforded and we share them freely.

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