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Welcome to Operation C.A.R.E.'s website.

Partnering with resources and referrals as a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry, we are helping meet the basic income needs of our Tillman County communities in Oklahoma. It is our belief and experience that by placing our faith in Jesus Christ, his love and power can transform the landscape of life's most challenging circumstances.

Our Mission: Providing hope through the transforming love of Jesus Christ


“Operation C.A.R.E. found me in darkness with no hope and nowhere to go for help. Because of their ministry, I've come to know God and made Jesus my Lord. Thank you Operation C.A.R.E.”


Services we provide at Operation C.A.R.E.​

Utility Bill Assistance 
Medical Prescription Assistance
 Hygiene Assistance 
Clothing Referral

Food Referral 

Dental Care Referral

Health Care Referral 

Eye Care Referral 
Identification Assistance 
Birth Certificate Assistance
 GED Tutoring and Testing 
Emergency Travel Assistance

Emergency Lodging Assistance

Budget Planning Classes 


Free Love Meals, Bible Studies and Christian Fellowship

Saturdays 11am-1pm

1st Saturday at C.A.R.E

Methodist Church

2nd Saturday at C.A.R.E

Next Step Ministries

3rd Saturday at First Christian Church

4th Saturday at C.A.R.E

Community Fellowship Church

5th Saturday at C.A.R.E

Frederick First Baptist

Life Recovery Meetings

Narcotic Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Tobacco Addiction

Food Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Thursdays 6 pm-7 pm

712 S Main

Frederick OK, 73542


"We started with little to nothing, but now we are moving forward with God in our hearts."

"Operation Care and all the members of it showed us kindness and compassion that we honestly thought was a forgotten thing in this world. Who would have thought that the beginning of our Salvation started with an electric bill." Levi

"The kindness of your Care family and what you showed us has greatly impacted us. We went from being treated like trash and unworthy of any kind of help, to being welcomed into your community. Yes, we've had some bumps here and there but with the right help and corrections we are better people for it." Rose

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